Take control of your sales, inspire immediate action with a one call close, And Build A Super Star sales team For Your High Ticket Program.

6x Your High Ticket Sales

Close Sales On The First Call

Use The Revenue Labs 15-Step One Call Close Script and immediately take control and close more sales

Attract Super Star Sales Talent

Use our Talent Attraction System to build a team full of superstars and step back off the phones (whilst increasing your perceived value)

Dominate With A World Class Sales Team

We’ll rapidly onboard your new hires, and train your team to peak performance so you have a world class team

How it Works

Step 1: Install The Revenue Labs 15-Step One Call Close Script

  • Within 2 hours you’ll have the most powerful high-ticket sales script on the planet
  • Inspire prospects to take immediate action as a true leader
  • Take 100% confident control of every sales conversation

Step 2: Advanced sales persuasion and psychology

  • Transform yourself and your team into persuasion masters
  • Build unprecedented amounts of rapport and connection with your prospects
  • Get your prospects to believe in themselves

Step 3: Set-up a world class sales framework

  • The exact systems you need to run a high performing sales team
  • Exactly what CRMs, tools and programs you need
  • Reduce appointment no show rate by 95%

Step 4: Stock your team full of closers

  • Have super star talent beg to work for you
  • Know with confidence which candidates can close with a simple interview process

Step 5: Quickly onboard your new hires

  • We’ll take your new hires and rapidly train them so they’re closing sales ASAP
  • Save all the time and energy of getting your talent up to speed

Step 6: Provide constant training for your team

  • Put every new hire through the advanced sales program
  • Constant training is provided for your team so they’re performing at the highest level day-in, day-out
  • Huge prizes and contests for your team to keep them motivated

Who It's For

The coaches, leaders and consultants we help fall into 3 main categories.
Which one are you?

Close more sales

Right now you’re the only one closing sales. But… You’re constantly hit with objections, people aren’t taking action and you’re constantly following-up.

That’s why it’s essential you have a proven process which guarantees you close sales on the first call. Then, it’ll be time to build a team.

Build a team

You’re amazing at closing sales, but no one else can replicate what you do. You know your prospects inside and out, and your product is amazing

This leaves you struggling to find salespeople who can close like you.

Put in place a proven process and attracting the right talent becomes easy.

Increase team performance

Right now your team is “ok”, but they’re no superstars. It takes a lot of time and energy to manage them, and you’re often needing to look for replacements. You want them operating at a world class level.

We’ll whip your team into shape and get them closing sales left, right and center. Heck, even just installing The Revenue Labs 15-Step One Call Close Script will see your conversion skyrocket.

Apply for a 1 on 1 Script Review to get an immediate sales boost.

1 on 1 Script Review

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The Revenue Labs Mission

We're on a mission to help 100,000 business owners DOUBLE their revenue in the next 5 years. Yes, that's a lofty goal - but it's one we believe in. You see, we don't just share any random strategy... only what's proven to work time and time again.

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Thanks to the guys at Revenue Labs I never have to worry about where my sales will come from. Every month I get 50 red hot sales leads asking for my help.
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