Expert Interview: Jerry Kennedy - Black Sheep DC

By: James Farren
Published on: Sept 7, 2016
Time to read: 84 Minutes

In this expert interview, Jerry Kennedy from Black Sheep DC proves he’s a voice to be listened to when it comes to growing your practice.

James and Jerry dive deep into relationship marketing. A powerful juxtaposition against the “Sell Sell Sell!” mindset of some practice owners.

Jerry generously gives us his thoughts and strategies when it comes to client retention, referrals, and every avenue of advertising available.

But to get started, we take a look at what’s wrong with chiropractic in 2016….


Jerry is the founder of Black Sheep DC. His one of a kind membership is designed to provide simple tips and services that help chiropractors build profitable high-retention/high-referral practices.

Visit his website at: Black Sheep DC

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